Industry Applications

  • Commercial/Retail Distribution AMBF works closely with our distribution network and multiple warehouse locations to offer you the service and product when you require it. Learn More
  • Custom/OEM Applications AMBF is a fully equipped filtration manufacturer to produce your custom or OEM filters to your requirements. Learn More
  • Desalination AMBF understands the use of Reverse Osmosis to convert ocean & sea water into fresh drinking water is a needed resource for our future. Learn More
  • Filtration Housings AMBF offers a full line of 150 psi liquid filtration housings for most applications. Learn More
  • Filtration Media AMBF manufactures Polypropylene, Polyester and Nylon Medias in many different grades and efficiency's. Learn More
  • Food And Beverage AMBF manufactures nominal pre filtration and absolute rated fully rinsed up to 18 mega ohm water contracted in a clean room environment offering you a quality filter. Learn More
  • High Purity Water MBF manufactures a complete line of absolute rated membrane filter elements for your most demanding applications. Learn More
  • Industrial AMBF understands in today’s world, Industrial Environments required specialized customer service and filtration that will withstand heavy application use. Learn More
  • Municipalities AMBF can help you meet today’s regulatory requirements and provide fresh drinking water to satisfy growing population needs and water shortages. Learn More
  • Oil Absorbents/Marine AMBF manufactures our own oil absorbents to help you meet EPA regulations, do not get caught without a plan or our products to help reduce your risk. Learn More
  • Paints And Inks American Melt Blown and Filtration manufactures cartridges and media’s specifically designed for manufacturing and separation of paints and inks in your environment. Learn More
  • Residential AMBF manufactures many pre and post filters for your whole house filtration needs. Learn More


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